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Kelly is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Veterinary Physiotherapist. Kelly’s first job (aged 13yrs!) was helping out in her Auntie’s hydrotherapy centre in Essex, this inspired an interest in canine sports; including gundog, agility, obedience and more. Kelly went on to study for her degree in Physiotherapy (completed 2005), which allowed her to complete her Masters degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy at the Royal Vet College in London (completed 2009). Kelly quickly became specialised in small animal rehabilitation, drawing on her wonderful early canine experiences and extensive NHS training.

She has set up physiotherapy services at a referral hospital in Bristol, working alongside specialists in orthopaedics, neurology and emergency care. Kelly now works across the West Country supporting cats and dogs to live full and happy, comfortable lives.


Chartered Physiotherapists in animal therapy are registered with ACPAT ( Unfortunately, physiotherapists working with animals do not have title protection. It is therefore essential your animal physiotherapist is ACPAT registered, so you can be sure your therapist is qualified, insured and committed to providing excellent care.

ACPAT physiotherapists will always gather a full history from the referring vet, carry out a thorough clinical examination and provide a treatment plan if appropriate. Treatment may include manual therapy, electrotherapy (including NMES, TENS, Laser, PEMF) and exercise therapy. ACPAT Physiotherapists work alongside your veterinary team, and will adapt sessions to suit all animals; including those who may be fearful of handling.

Physiotherapist Kelly